Pasila Design – Who are we?

My name is Juho Pasila, I am the founder and entrepreneur of Pasila Design. Pasila Design Oy was founded in 2012 and I have since made design collaborations with Innojok Oy, Sessak Oy and Adea Oy, among others. In the autumn of 2019 I started my own production, based on my own design work, and opened this web shop. I also want to present other designers’ products, which I believe there will be a demand for, in addition to my own production. All Pasila Design products are manufactured in Finland, when possible, and using only ecological and high-class methods and materials. Beautiful shapes, handicrafts, high-class design and implementation are all combined in the furniture.

I believe that my products will bring beauty and joy to both private homes and public spaces.

Juho Pasila  

The first products for sale in the autumn of 2019 are light fixture series ”Kolkka”, my own design, and stool  ”Juuri” by Japanese designer Wataru Kumano. The goal is to launch new products as small series or according to season in the future.

The ”Kolkka” light fixture is made of form pressed oak. The finish is executed with watchmaker precision using computer programmed milling technique. The series will soon be completed with a window sill light using the same form pressed structure, among other things.

The stool “Juuri” is made of oak and designed by Japanese designer Wataru Kumano. The first prototype of the stool was finished in 2015 for the ”Measuring - This much, That much, How much?” exhibition in Tokyo (21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo). The manufacturing process and the durability of the structure were tested for a year by both Juho Pasila and Wataru Kumano; in order to find a working and durable solution, without compromising the design. The product is manufactured by Pasila Design.

Please contact me if you are interested in cooperation!

Juho Pasila

+358 40 5745 203