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Date: April 10th, 2012
Publisher: Pasila Design

Pasila Design Presents New Finnish Design in Milan

The company Pasila Design and the designer Juho Pasila are presenting new Finnish design in Salone Satellite in Milan in April 2012. Pasila designs timeless and classic furniture with a twist. The first Pasila Design collection consists of a series of furniture and toys for children, and of a home furniture line. The children’s collection is designed to promote the motoric development of the child, and was awarded the Alfred Kordelin Foundation Scholarship in 2012. The Alfred Kordelin Foundation is a private, non-profit cultural foundation, and their scholarchip allows Pasila Design to showcase products at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile furniture fair in Milan in April 2012. The Pasila Design stand is located in the newcomers’ section Salone Satellite, hall 22–24, stand number C34.


Pasila Design collection consists of a home series and a childrens’ series. Every product has novelty value, a reason why that specific product has claimed its way into the collection.

Press pictures of all products can be downloaded from:

The Children’s series

Auto (The car): A primary bed, storage space, walking cart. The car is a multifunctional furniture, a toy, and a bed. Intended as a bed during the baby’s first couple of months, as the baby can be rocked to sleep in the wheel-fitted car. The car adapts as the child grows, as it can be used in many different ways bringing happiness to the playing child for a long time. A part of the collection promoting the motoric development of the child.
Keinu (The swing): A baby swing made of fabric, wood and rope. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Strengthens the balance of the child and has little resemblance to any baby swing on the market. A part of the collection promoting the motoric development of the child.
Mopo (The kickbike): A new version of the kickbike, standing on its own with two front wheels and one back wheel. Easy to use from very young: first pushing, then sitting and then kicking; developing the sense of balance. As the child grows, the bike can be turned into a two-wheeler, making the lifetime of the bike longer. A part of the collection promoting the motoric development of the child.
Juna (The train): A wooden toy train (resembling the Helsinki metro) in the color orange. Inspired by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.
Tuoli (The chair): An ergonomic seat for the parents, making it easy to interact with the playing child on floor level. Functions as a slide for the child when turned upside down.

The home series

Hylly (Book shelf): A modular book shelf system, which can be expanded in height and width. Does not look modular when put together, and doesn’t need much space in storage. Simple, light and timeless design. Material painted mdf.
Lamppu (Lamp): Linear design that baffles with its huge shade. Made of painted metal and led lighting. Can be used as an illuminated desk.
Murakka (Ceiling light): A pendulous glass lamp hanging from a loop.
Pikkupöytä (Side table): A side table with five removable legs. Packs away very small. Looks like moving.

“At the moment all products are prototypes, but our goal is to be able to offer furniture for homes and public spaces in the near future.” says Juho Pasila, the designer of Pasila Design.

The company

Pasila Design is a small family business, with the willpower of a large corporation. Company is founded 2012 and comes from Finland. It represents Scandinavian style of design. Company´s most important values include quality, simplicity, carefully considered materials and details, as well as domestic production. “And we don’t want to lose the fun”, says Juho Pasila, the owner of the company.

Juho Pasila graduated Designer from the Institute of Design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2007, specialized in furniture design. Juho’s design is experimental and streches the limits and he has produced almost all of his prototypes himself. Tanja Pasila has a Bachelor’s degree and an Executive Master degree in Business Administration from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. Tanja takes care of partnerships and practical issues in the company.

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Juho Pasila (Designer, Partner)
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Milan Furniture Fair April 17–22, 2012
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 and the 15th Salone Satellite
Fiera Milano, Rho
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Pasila Design: halls 22–24, stand 34C

Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012

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